ImageQ: Why consider a career as an independent community pharmacy owner?

When you think of community pharmacy, you think of that caring individual who has helped you and your family with your health care needs. One reason pharmacy is among the most trusted professions is because clients truly appreciate the exceptional level of care and service provided by independent pharmacists. Independent community pharmacies are at the heart and soul of many communities.

Q: What is the difference between an independent community pharmacy and a chain pharmacy?

Independent community pharmacies are owned and/or operated by pharmacists and small business entrepreneurs who take special care in providing multi-faceted health care services that are accessible and affordable. Independent community pharmacies are personally invested in the neighbourhoods they serve.

Q: Are there any independent pharmacies out there?

There are more than 95 independently owned pharmacies in this Province, with about 50 per cent of these providing the only source of accessible health care services for their community.

Q: Is there any opportunity for me to own a pharmacy?

It is estimated that over half of pharmacy owners are over the age of 50. This means that many of these pharmacy owners are looking for a younger pharmacist to take over the business. If you're considering a career in independent pharmacy, you could be in a position to own your own pharmacy.

Q: How can The Alpha Group help me as an independent pharmacy owner?

The Alpha Group is dedicated to the continuing growth and prosperity of independent community pharmacy. We provide an organizational culture that is based on cooperation, collaboration and respect, where each individual pharmacy owner can realize the benefits of being part of a larger and cohesive partnership of entrepreneurs. As a member, you receive the benefits of having your organization deliver all benefits directly back to you. We also have access to many resources available to those who would like to purchase an existing pharmacy or start a pharmacy from the ground up.

Many of our members are also leaders in the community and are proactive in government and third party relations. Our members are actively involved in advocating for changes in policies and programs affecting the success and development of community pharmacy and pharmacy profession.

If you are a pharmacy owner that would like to achieve a higher level of success while remaining independent, or you are interested in starting your own successful pharmacy business—The ALPHA Group can help you succeed. Find out more about the benefits of ownership by contacting our office today.

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