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Pharmacy Services During COVID19 - What You Need to Know

Our pharmacies and pharmacists continue to work with our health partners to ensure that clients have access to the medications they need.  We would like to remind our clients that refills can be requested by phone and email prior to pick up and arrangements for delivery can be made, where available. 

Due to high demand and to best meet the on-going needs of our clients, our pharmacies will be limiting refill requests to 30-day supply.  There are currently no early warning signs of a global drug shortage, but this limit will help pharmacists continue to ensure a stable supply for all.  We will also put in place purchase limits on certain over-the-counter products to help ensure inventory levels can be more widely available.

As our role as a trusted health care prefessional has never been more critical, we are working around the clock to meet the health care needs of our clients in the communities we serve.  Staying informed and collaborating with our health partners on response efforts, we are helping to provide our clients with the most up-to-date information, while also supporting your evolving needs during the pandemic.

If you suspect you have COVID19, go home and Call 811 Immediately


  • Are experiencing symptoms such as cough, fever, breathing issues
  • Or someone in close contact with you has traveled outside the province in the last 14 days and should be self-isolating
  • Are considered “high risk” - elderly, those with underlying medical issues e.g. heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, cancer, or a compromised immune system


To get your prescription refills* or access our pharmacy services!


  • use hand sanitizer upon entry
  • maintain a 2-metre distancefrom others
  • cover mouth and nose with your arm if you cough or sneeze
  • avoid touching eyes/nose/mouth and any surfaces while waiting
  • use hand sanitizer prior to exiting!

*30-Day Supply Policy:  There are currently no early warning signs of a global drug shortage.  With rare exceptions, pharmacists will provide patients with a 30-day supply of medications. This will help pharmacists continue to ensure a stable supply for all.

Our pharmacies are focused on maintaining a clean and safe environment at each of our locations.  These extra steps are being implemented for the safety of
our Clients and our Pharmacy team members.

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